Legal Consulting

Business, Corporate Law and Estate Planning

We help companies incorporating in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Agreements are the basis of business. We draft, negotiate business contracts. Joint Venture and M&A are our specialties.Many governments restrict certain business area. To avoid any surprise, it is critical to carry out extensive legal research before taking big actions.  

Intellectual Property

When entering a new market, an appropriate IP right strategy is, not always obvious but in fact, crucial part of success. We have advised corporations in this regard.

Administrative Law/public bidding

We support and advise regarding the governmental issues. We have helped foreign corporations for public bidding process. We proactively join your force for the negotiation for the success. Contact us for more details.

Real Estate

The major economies in Latin America and Asia are growing fast and the world attention is on its real estate market. Notable investors are putting their bets on the market. We are here to help and advise you to succeed with the real estate market.

Ship registration for Panama and certificate for ship crew

Having a strong presence in Panama where ships of multinational logistic/shipping companies are registered, K&L offers the support for your company to acquire ship license/registration and certificate for the crews. Note: this service only for a company with a foreign entity.


With its favorable tax and social security system, several countries in Latin America, for example, is the heaven for retirees around the world. Dreaming of the retirement life with fun and leisure under the nice sun shine? Talk to us.