Business Development Service


Planning to form a joint venture with a company or to buy&merge a company in overseas? Our local experts will help you with the one stop shop to complete with a long list and short list, due diligence(legal/fin/tech) and relevant contracts.

Legal entity setup

Once the careful market research on business trip basis or by the legal rep office, setting up 100% legal representative office is an effective option.

Market research

We carry out the market research accompanying you and arranging relevant meetings and contacts in the target market for you. This way you can decide whether the planned market entry really makes sense. We organize the focus group and interviews. The key is to find a right partner for the market entry. To do so, you need to be in the market by yourself, do not just believe something you find on internet and talk to several potential partners.

Collaboration Agreement/Contractual partnership

If you find a local partner which aligns with your business direction and policy, a collaboration agreement with the partner is often less complicating and cost effective. But to find the suitable partner is not easy. The interests may change over time and the know-how protection shall be always an issue.

Online/offline marketing

We help your company sell in Japan, China and Latin America. If you are not yet in the target market, first raise your brand/service/product awareness in the market with SNS marketing and then drive the potential customers to the target venue by multiple channel marketing such as O2O (official ecommerce site, real shop, web shops on the major platform like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten ). We set up and manage your company accounts in the target language for the target market e.g. if Japan, Facebook, Line, Twitter and Instagram and if China, Wechat, Weibo. This way, you can send out and reach the latest information of your service and product timely keeping your customers excited about you. We also have the network of influencers esp. for fashion and health area.

Europe, Latin America, Asia markets

We are the door for the Europe, Latin America and Asia Asian markets. K&L supports you from feasible study, company incorporation, advertisement/promotion in the market. K&L service is based on the global network of trust with professionals in these regions. As of today our clients are more than 3000 companies around the globe. 


K&L owns a trading company in Panama and several countries in Asia. When you have products for Latin America or for Asia, please let us know.

Business plan

As well as Asian countries the maturity of the Latin American market and size of economy of Europe have been long due. With our local knowledge in the markets, we help you make the business plan, how to entre and how to earn in the markets. 

Visa support/Relocation/Local support/coordination

If your company decides to put expats in our region, we will support your visa, housing and daily issues in your language. You have a great product/service for Latin America/Asia. But you may lack of information about the market and do not know any wholesaler or retailer for your products in Latin America/Asia? Need business partner in the market? Talk to us. We organize a tour to visit the main business sectors and meet the key people.


K&L acts as advertisement agent in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Our professionals support you to run the advertisement to promote your service/product. TV, radio, internet, magazine and exhibition, online and offline, with its local network K&L support multi-channel marketing advertisements.