For Japan, solar project has gained public attention for years. Till now there are more than 80 mega solar farms(capacity of more than 1000kW) in Japan.

June, 2017 Vietnam sees a new incentive system for solar projects in the country.

On April 11th 2017, the Prime Minister promulgated Decision No. 11/2017/QD-TTg on mechanism for encouraging the development of solar power projects in Vietnam (“Decision 11”). Decision 11 will be valid from June 1st 2017 to June 30th 2019.

A number of significant points upon investment of the solar projects under Decision 11 are as follows:

ベトナムでの永住権取得方法 How to Get Permanent Residency in Vietnam (JP)













How to Get Permanent Residency in Vietnam (ENG) ベトナムでの永住権取得方法

We have provided the immigration support for several countries including Panama and Vietnam.


With this article, we would like to address how to maintain your life after you move to the destination, the type of immigration (permanent residency) and the exact procedures.

How to sustain your life after you move to Vietnam?

Many ask us this critical question.

Vietnam is not an expensive country to live but there should be volatility in the face of world economy and possible inflation. Unless your save up in limitless, we would recommend you to have several income source both/either in back home or in Vietnam. For example, you can invest into several commercial buildings or apartments and rent them out. Unless you know Vietnamese and are happy to accept the local payment, your chance to have an employment in Vietnam is quite low. For the real estate, you do not need to get involved with the daily operation and do not need to speak the local language.

You only need a good local partner to find a good property with the potential to gain a high rent, secure your legal ownership of the properties and the right to receive the rent. If you live and earn in the country, it is not the issue to bring the cash out of the country, which is the case where a person earns in overseas and wants to bring the money back home.

While/after you sort out the sustainability scheme, you need to know and understand the type of immigration (permanent residency) and the exact procedure.


Below are several highlight points and relevant regulations about the permanent residence for the foreigners in Vietnam for your reference: 


Under the prevailing laws of Vietnam, the foreigners wishing to reside in Vietnam for a long period must be duly issued with the permanent residence card (the “PRC”) by the competent licensing body (the “Licensing Body”). Accordingly, the PRC shall be considered for issuance to the foreigners where the foreigners qualify the following statutory requirements: (i) falling within any of the categories where the permanent residency is considered, and (ii) meeting the respective conditions applicable to each case. 


パナマへの移住サポート Immigration support for Panama (JP)



2012年にパナマで新たないくつかの移民制度が確立されました。その一つが、友好国ビザ(Friendly Nations Visa)であり、永住権も手に入れることが可能です。パナマと友好関係のある国の国民だけが利用可能であり、日本は友好国リスト(他には、アメリカ合衆国、英国、シンガポール、カナダなど)に入っています。



To concretize the regulations on investment in the form of public private partnership, the Ministry of Planning and Investment promulgated the Circular No. 06/2016/TT-BKHDT dated June 28th, 2016 (“Circular 06”) to provide the specific guidance on the transformation for implementing the projects in the form of Build – Operate – Transfer Contract (BOT), Build – Transfer – Operate Contract (BTO), Build – Own – Operate Contract (BOO), Build – Transfer – Lease Contract (BTL), Build – Lease – Transfer Contract (BLT) and other similar contracts and the transformation plans in the form of Build – Transfer Contract (BT).
Pursuant to Circular 06, the BOT, BTO, BOO, BTL and BLT contracts are allowed to transform the investment form under the following plans: (i) withdrawing the total State capital invested to the construction work; and (ii) using the total or a part of the invested State capital for implementation of the projects. The State capital will be based on the final settlement value of the project at the time of the transformation of the investment form.