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Kugel&Lau’s focus is clear: To help companies enter and succeed in Japan and Asian markets. We have extensive experience helping companies enter and establish in the field of online service, apps and FMCG. After many years in Europe, Latin America, China and Japan we founded Kugel&Lau to serve the real needs of the companies serious about expanding to these markets.

Kugel&Lau provide you everything you need to succeed in Japan and Asia. Upon planning to enter the unknown market you may find the lack of resource/knowledge in the market, where you may need to ask for help from one from another, costing you significant amount of money and time.

Kugel&Lau provides you the representation, business development, localization of your products, contact point, warehouse, market research/analysis service to see the feasibility of the market and M&A. We have armies of sales,online/offline advertisement expert, market research, legal experts, exhibition experts in Japan and Asia. Kugel&Lau will be the window of all these. Thus, you always know whom you are talking to.It is 360 degree business development support.We will minimize your risk and maximize the profit.

Kugel&Lau has a flexible and transparent charging model. This means not only that we offer a fixed fee but also that we offer a minimum basic cost and share the profit when the business goes well.

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Yasushi Kogure

Partner for APAC


Operated by K&L Consulting

Established 2013 

Main Business

M&A advisory ( creating long and short list, due diligence, draft and support to execute relevant contracts
Consultation on real estate investment in Vietnam and Philippines, and central America
Immigration consulting
Online and offline marketing support (promote the brand, company, service and product online via SNS and other platforms and offline via events and pop up shop
Business development for companies to enter Asia market (e.g. Japan, China and Vietnam)
Business development for companies to enter European market
Support for companies to enter Central America/Latin America Market

General Business consulting(market analysis/research/competitor analysis with many business cases in Europe, South East Asia and Japan)
Legal and Accounting/finance advisory at the local market

Our projetcs

Japan, China(PRC), Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Germany, Netherland, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Nordic region, Russia, USA, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic (Caribbean)

K&L Office (contact window): Tokyo(Japan), Shanghai (China ), HCMC (Vietnam), Hamburg (Germany), Panama city, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic (Caribbean)