Our Service


Business development

K&L is your business development partner in Japan and Asia, and the latin America. We help you find and develop a great business in the market starting from the early stage market research, legal entity setup, M&A and online/offline promotion. Despite different culture and commercial practices, the markets in Asia and the latin America are full of opportunities. Just feel free to talk to us.

Legal Consulting

K&L has a legal experts in the region with international experience in many countries around the globe. Our experts are not only the experts of their fields but also of the business. K&L supports from company incorporation, day-day business sales, risk management, IP rights matters to the Joint Venture and M&A cases.In many countries the local governments may restrict certain business area and the detailed legal research is critical.

Finance Consulting

Financial issues are even more complicating as the global business expands. Our clients are involved with cross border transactions and need support from the tax/accountant with such an experience. With the accountants with international experience in the regions, K&L is the right partner to work with. This is crucial part of K&L's one stop shop solution.


Our Service

  • Market research
  • M&A advisory
  • Real estate investment in SE Asia and Latin America, and immigration service
  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • POP/Promotional merchandise
  • Legal Consulting
  • Accounting Consulting